Purpose.  To write engaging articles on sexual health and LGBT+ issues for newsletters, websites and campaign materials.

Description.  Being a journalist and copywriter means turning your creative skills into a publishable piece of work with the help of Body Positive.  You can write on a range of issues for the Cheshire Cheese LGBT+ newsletter, create resources  to engage service users around sexual health and design campaign materials.

Locations and Times.  Projects are negotiable with the Volunteer Lead and may include interviewing service-users and project staff.  The role may take you across Cheshire if you will be attending events and coordinating interviews and focus groups as part of your projects.  Cheshire Cheese newsletters run on two monthly cycles and need to be submitted to the Finance and Administration Officer for publishing; contact chris@bpcnw.co.uk .

Training.  Journalists and copywriters must have a basic knowledge of sexual health, HIV and issues around sexuality diversity.  Volunteers will be given free comprehensive training in these areas by Body Positive.  The opportunity will also include shadowing the community development worker; experience that adds well to any CV.

Checklist.  All of the following criteria must be met for you to be able to take part as a Journalist and Copywriter for Body Positive.  Skills and personal development will be met by Body Positive's volunteer training scheme where appropriate.

Able to maintain clear boundaries and confidentiality

Willing to develop verbal communication skills

Open-minded; not easily shocked or offended

Able to work with people whose values may be different from your own

Confident to approach people and ask questions

Willing to undertake an enhanced DBS check

Completed or willing to attend,

     Volunteer Induction

     HIV and Sexual Health Awareness

     LGBT awareness

Over 18 years of age

Expenses.  Volunteers are able to claim reasonable out of pocket expenses, subject to production of receipts as evidence of expenditure. Process and rates of reimbursement will be covered in the volunteer induction and detailed in the volunteer handbook.


We are looking for people to help us with:

Community and Support

Befriending; Peer Support; Drivers; Drop-In Support; Positive Role Models

Professional Specialisms

Counselling; Alternative Therapy; Clinic Support

Education & Awareness

Sexual Health Promotion; Community Advocacy; Training; Drop-In; Stands and stalls


Trustee; Administration; Fundraising; Events; Publicity and Promotion